Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone

I was checking out my blog and I was shocked to realise that it has been such a long time since I last posted – so I thought I would rectify that and express my hope that everyone had a great Christmas and wish you all a very happy New Year.

Just a few of the more recent noteworthy events:

  • The #BTPosse had a wonderful Christmas concert (#BTXmas2016) with brilliant performances by all raising a whopping #710 to help support the sterling work done of  Border Terrier Welfare.  If you have not donated yet then feel free to follow the link to the fundraising page; the more money that can be raised the more help can be provided – remember BT’s are a bit like Brexit – we are not just for Christmas!
  • And yours truly is in the 2017 edition of the #BTPosse calendar – available from my favourite food (and antler supplier) Feelwells – again all profits go to Border Terrier Welfare.
  • My twitter fur-friends in the #BTPosse will be aware of my ongoing battles with food – not just the standard weight issues but having to find a completely range of food that I could manage to digest.  I will write a separate post on that for you dear reader as it may offer some helpful advice if any fur is in trouble with their digestion.

A lot has happened over the last few years some which I will relate to you in upcoming posts – other things are best left out and will be left out!  My New Years resolution , however, is to be more diligent in my postings for you dear reader; especially for those who rely on good quality, honest pub and hotel appraisals.

Anyway, got to go now – I have just heard a pack of food being opened by one of the house elves.



A curious case of a veterinary event

As some of you may be aware I’ve a had limp for a while and I’ve been standing around on 3 legs to rest my front right one.


It’s been a funny old week – I got in the car early on Tuesday expecting Mum to drop Dad and yours truly off in Wells High Street for my morning patrol.


Next thing I know I’m at the dreaded VETS 😦


I’d been a couple times before and one Vet thought that I may have had a sprain and needed to be rested and put on Loxicom – pfft – I wasn’t giving much away about what it might be. I kept swinging my leg out and turning my paw out so Mum and Dad took me back to see another very knowledgeable Vet called Martin. Now he caught hold my leg and gave it a good old twist around as though I was having physio after a hard game of football! I put up with all of this behaviour like a tolerant BT but then he flipped my paw over and tweaked my pads one by one until he hit the spot – I gave a yelp! Next thing I know there was a lot of questions and then he came up with a tentative diagnosis….a corn! Apparently Greyhounds, Whippets and Lurchers are prone to this condition and it is practically unheard of in BTs and other breeds. Now lesser Vets would have sent me for expensive hip X-rays but my man was right on the money with his diagnosis. He told Mum and Dad that it would be like a human with a stone in their shoe all the time and I thought yep, I think that’s a good description. In fact, misdiagnosis is common for this condition especially for other breeds of dog like me – apparently it is thought to be because of low body fat percentage and lack of cushioning (well I’ve got a bit of middle age spread developing, so I reckon it might have been foreign body related or a virus like a wart that started it, which they say are the other possibilities). I’d also been walking more comfortably on grass than on hard surfaces, which was another clue to my condition. So if any of you furs have any physical symptoms like this and a dark patch on your pad then you may have a corn. Mum and Dad were relieved that I didn’t have a joint problem and that the Vet said he could get rid of my limp – woofhoo!


After the operation I ate some food and then threw up so I had to have an anti-vomiting injection and went back to sleep. Mum and Dad came to collect me and I could hardly stand up due to being so tired. I did get a rather nice blue bandage with red tractors though – here’s a close up!


I had to go back 2 days later for my dressing to be removed – do you know, they used Manuka honey on my paw because of its antibacterial and healing properties as well as stopping the dressing from sticking! I still have stitches that will have to be removed in 10 days and in the mean time they fitted me with a (space) boot that makes me look like I have a hoof. My bruv cat says I look like I have lost my sense of humour in this picture!


I have to admit that I was a bit naughty the other evening and I had to wear the cone of shame because I tried to destroy the nasty boot by biting some bits off of it! They only cost £9.99 I don’t know what the fuss is about…pfft!




At least I can get out and about on very short 10 minute walks for my toilet breaks – here’s me at the skate board park with my new lead on again.


Then I went to the park – they drive me to these places in the car to stop me from getting bored – it’s not working! I had another little problem, my poos stopped for two days – stress and no real exercise they say was the cause but it’s all happening again now! I also had my claws clipped and my teeth polished while I was under – I have a lovely smile now but I’m too grumpy to use it for the moment. I’m not looking forward to the next dreaded visit for the stitches to be removed on Friday – bye for now.

#BTxmas live from the Royal Albert Hall (Virtual)

Merry Christmas everyone!

I have had Edgar use the mouse and add my #BTxmas concert to my (new) YouTube page – you may need to turn your sound up as my sound technician is new to the job and a bit of a muppet and not sure what he is doing!

enjoy the concert!

Proceeds go to


Tweet Up – Burnham on Sea 30th Nov 2013


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It was a clear, bright day and could almost have been mistaken for September – perfect weather for a tweet-up.

We started to gather on the sea front:

A curious case of déjà vu at Waterloo


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After Friday night I was wondering why these humans think they are so much cleverer than us BT’s.  In fact I was so stunned I was beginning to wonder who should be the responsible one at the end of the lead – just a hint about what is about to be written – it is not them!

Now it is well known that Mum and Dad generally take me down to the City Arms in Wells for my ham platter, or a sausage.  Last Friday was no different.  We got into the pub and sure enough, after an appeal, Simon, the Frenchman, was ordered to toddle off upstairs and bring my, unmolested, ham Mendip-20130803-01123platter to me; if you are not aware normally he helps himself to some of my ham on the way back down from the kitchen – the cheek of it.  Anyway, the platter duly arrived, was consumed before Simon could steal any more off my plate and and much lip-smacking occurred afterwards.  Everything as normal.

Mum and Dad then sat down with Dominic and Charlie to ask about Dominic’s upcoming trip to Japan where he will learn how to be a Sushi Chef in Japan (ps well done for being accepted on the course Dom) and a good conversation was had. Nothing unusual.

Simon joined us, even though he was meant to still be working, and asked dad to help set up his IPad with a game called ‘Candy Crush’ because Penny was fed up of him nicking her IPad to play the game or, apparently worse, telling her how to play it.

As dad became even more frustrated that Apple App store was playing up, Charlie began playing with her phone, Dominic began reading his Sushi recipe book, and Simon cleared to off to serve someone who did not have a clue what he was saying to them but they were all smiling nicely together!  Mum was sat there cuddling me, as she jolly well ought to anyway, but was complaining she might as well not have been there.  Penny turned sat down to join us and started to play with her IPad.

Anyway, eventually dad got Simon’s IPad sorted and then the real trouble started.  Now we BT’s are often accused of being competitive, some would say it is in our nature while others, me included, would say that we are merely demonstrating our natural intellectual and physical superiority over all other furs and non-furs – but goodness gracious me humans can give us a run for our money sometimes.

I must admit I know nothing about this Candy Crush game, and to be honest, have little interest in getting to know about it, however I was fascinated by the sheer brutality of humans in trying to catch up or keep ahead – nothing was out of bounds; seeking help secretively from others, asking strangers on line if they would donate ‘lives (why would anyone want to give their life up for a game – beats me), threats of what would happen if help is provided, passwords being set to stop people getting to the game, passwords being hacked, even one threat of removing the game from the IPad to wipe out the scores – and they think they are the superior species.  I was even told two people stayed up until one o’clock in the morning desperate to either catch up or stay ahead.  I have seen squizzles arguing over their nuts acting in a more civilised manner.

No wonder one of the beers on that night was named after a famous battle that the French lost, as there are apparently quite a few I had better let you know it was ‘Waterloo’.  I have to add that mum thought the beer was a nice pint and a distraction from the goings on!

IMG_5520Mum left the pub mum suggesting to dad that he begins to advertise as providing some counselling support for those who are so clearly addicted to a computer game – I left thinking that the #BTPosse had a great tweet up in Exmouth with no trouble at all, our egos were all equally matched, no race for superiority at all – when will these humans learn to take a lead from their betters?

NB:  No humans were actually hurt in the course of the evening!

Curious cases of #BTPosse tweet ups


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I haven’t blogged about any tweet-ups yet so I thought that I would put my paws to the keyboard and report on a recent and a not so recent event.

On Friday 8th March 2013, I had a really exciting afternoon – Mum came home from work early and drove myself and Dad to Westonbirt Arboretum to meet @JackMolly3 and @Chillterrier

Hurry up I'll be late for the tweet upJack, Molly and their Mum and Dad along with Timmy and his Mum arrived before us as we got held up in traffic on the way through Bath. Fortunately we caught up with them just as they were setting off on an exciting walk down a lane through lots of trees. The humans greeted each other and we borders checked each other out and then we set off. Luckily it remained dry and was not too cold for the humans as we meandered down the leafy lane. Dad brought my nommy treats with him and was giving them to my pals as well as me and the other humans were doing the same. I noticed that Molly is very cute (I do have an eye for the lady BT’s) – I’m a member of the #Lolafanclub don’t you know, don’t you know!  After a while we reached a crossroads and Timmy decided he wanted to head in a particular direction but the rest of us wanted to go the other way, so Timmy had to change his mind (after being persuaded by his Mum). We completed our walk at the café which, unfortunately for the humans, was closed. Dad changed the water in the dog bowl for us and we took it in turns to have a drink before lining up for the photos to be taken.


from the left: Jack, Molly, Timmy and yours truly

Afterwards Mum and Dad took me to the Hare and Hound (see earlier blog from 8th March 2013).

On 18th May 2013, I went for my second ever tweet up at Barrington Court with @WhatWeCallTilly, @Rufus_The_Red, @TedTerrier and @Cal_BT accompanied by her bro fur Freddie (a Dandie Dinmont). Dad prepared a nommy picnic, including a batch of my favourite butcher’s sausages for me to offer to my pals. After driving for just over an hour we drew up in the car park just as another car pulled up next to us. Across the car park a BT face popped up (Cal) and the same happened in the car next to us (Rufus) and as I jumped out from the back seat I spotted another BT coming towards us – that was Ted and his Mum. Our humans greeted each other and we BTs started to get acquainted.

IMG-20130518-00794 IMG-20130518-00796 IMG-20130518-00795 IMG-20130518-00793

Some of our Mums and Dads had refreshments while we waited for Tilly to arrive – and Cal offered to help with her Dad’s scone. Tilly and her Mum arrived just as a human baby decided she wanted to stroke me. Tilly had skipped breakfast so she tucked into my noms bag for sustenance.




Then we set off across a cricket pitch and then through a field full of young bulls – Ted told them off but they kept following us.

IMG-20130518-00805 IMG-20130518-00806 South Somerset-20130518-00807 South Somerset-20130518-00808 South Somerset-20130518-00809


They were still watching us – nasty bulls!

We got the chance to run in a the fields together in the sun and then share a drink of water

012 013 014 016 018


Freddie cooled off his paws in a puddle but fortunately, for his Mum and Dad, he didn’t roll over!

We explored an exciting, leafy lane and we completed our expedition with a picnic on the grass in the car park – Rufus’ Mum made nommy chicken cake and Tilly brought nommy lamb pup cakes.

021 024 028 041 046 IMG-20130518-00813 South Somerset-20130518-00815 South Somerset-20130518-00822

South Somerset-20130518-00829


Then “the name is Bond, Mr Bond”, appeared as if by magic – aka Rufus

Great walk, excellent company, terrific weather and nommy food!


Thank-you Ted’s mum for bringing the nommy treats provided by @Feelwells for the tweet ups

Curious case of a lovely day spoiled


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It has been a lovely day here in Wells; the sun has been out, although it was warm a slight breeze made it a really good day to be outside.  The morning walk turned into an early afternoon stroll as everyone had a bit of a lie in, so, unsurprisingly, we ended up having lunch in the City Arms.

Service was spot on for this morning as the new barmaid, obviously well trained, brought me a bowl of water without any request being made and, importantly, before serving them their beer (which was a pint of Tournament Ale and apparently very nice – if they say so).  The intention was to just drop in for a quick pint and go for a picnic later on up the hill overlooking the city – good idea – but I was sure this would never happen; nice weather, people in the pub to talk to and a nice pint – not a squizzles chance on a tweet up as they say.  So they stayed, had lunch but only had two pints – now that did surprise me.


A ham platter on the new terrace

Mum had an egg and bacon salad a sort of brunch dish which she really enjoyed while Dad had a homemade burger, his first in 5 years and it apparently it was really yummy (well done Dom who made the burger) – I was given some chips which as ever were excellent. Much better than the food they had had in ASK (Wells) the night before.

Simon, the Frenchman, is trying to confuse me – he was actually really nice to me today but nasty to Dad.  Without being told he brought out a platter of ham for me at the same time mum and dads food arrived.  He then threatened to cut Dads portion in half as he thought there was too much food on the plate – something about Dad needing to get rid of some weight – Dad said ‘no’; me and mum kept very quiet!  Then to add insult to injury (to Dad anyway) when I need to go to leave some peemails in the graveyard opposite Simon asked mum if he should take dads food away before he came back to finish it!


just relaxing on the terrace

Don’t tell Simon but after today he may have redeemed himself a little – lots more grovelling required though to make up for previous insults.


going up the hill for a picnic

Anyway we went back home but decided to go up the hill after all with my supper, some bread, cheese and a bottle wine (no surprise there then).  The grass, ferns and thistles seemed to have multiplied massively and were on some sort of growth stimulant so they seemed to take ages to find somewhere suitable to settle down.  Once they did settle down I got my tea first and some water and then I settled down to guard them while they had their food – and what a busy time I had.

First encounter

Man comes up hill with his bike and big brown dog; neither of whom seemed to have any control.  Dad had hold of me to stop me putting the youngster in its place and to allow it’s human to get hold of it – which eventually happened.  Unfortunately once we settled down again Dad noticed I had a slight cut above my eye which healed up very quickly.

Second Encounter


thought I heard something just then

We were all settled then the next dog came along an older collie who was interested in what was going on but it only had a quick look around before going back to find its human.  As they both walked past us a short while later the collie just wandered past not paying us the slightest bit of attention.  Well trained collie.

Third Encounter

As we were just finishing everything off, I heard something and let and know something was amiss.  He sat up and heard what I had heard, dogs barking, growling and fighting in the distance but coming up the hill.  Dad stood up and looked down the hill and saw a pack of 7 labbies/labbie crosses fighting their way up the hill with their two humans.

just heard a commotion

just heard a commotion

Mum immediately started to pack the food away.  We all just knew there was going to be trouble.

As they got closer I started to warn them off but Dad got hold of me and lifted me up; he said it was for the safety of the other dogs – but I think we both knew there may have been one too many for me to deal with.

Dad made sure they saw him standing up in good time but they did nothing to call the dogs back or keep them away from us.  I know they saw us as I heard woman say ‘there’s a little dog up there’ – insulting or what?

Before we knew it they were all over the picnic rug with the stupid owners standing in the background with inane grins on their faces; as if it was our fault for allowing the picnic to distract their dogs!

I was telling them to behave, up in Dad’s arms, and at one stage he got concerned that they were beginning to circle round him looking in my direction but then they noticed an empty food tray of mine which mum had not had time to pick up.  One of them ran off with it most of the others decided to follow it.  But the stupid human woman took it out of the dog’s mouth about twenty yards away and threw it down in the long grass and walked off! Not just irresponsible dog owners but irresponsible litterers also.

I don’t blame the furs; they were hunting in a pack – but the humans ought to have more sense and sorted things out before they invaded the picnic.  Now Mum and Dad know dogs and are not worried (a little concerned maybe but not worried) but what if there had been a child there or the humans had been afraid of dogs; it could have been really traumatic for some people.

I am sure there is a correlation between being an irresponsible dog owner and being irresponsible human beings!

If people are going to have packs of furs, or single furs for that matter, then they really ought to exercise some control over them and have some consideration and show some responsibility towards other people/furs who wish to enjoy the nice weather.

Anyway if I play my cards right they may let me stay on the big bed tonight to help me get over the trauma!

Training the Chef in the City Arms


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Dominic is the landlady’s son in the City Arms and one of the chefs.  Me and him really did not hit it off at first.  Not surprising really because when I was a puppy he thought it would be interesting, and funny, to blow into my face.  Now, I do not know about you, but if there is one thing I hate, it is having someone blow in my face.  It has taken me years to partially forgive him.  Bless him, he was really upset that I could perfect the art of talking to everyone … apart from him… he really did not understand what he had done wrong.

He has done well over the past couple of years with his grovelling and last night he surpassed himself.  We were just out for a quick walk after everyone had finished working – well in dad’s case that was one hour of ‘work’; as we went past the pub, with no intention of entering, Dominic said hello and offered to buy the olds a drink – needless to say they agreed.

Immediately my training, through ignoring, programme with Dominic began to pay dividends; lots of hugs – particularly when I offered him a greeting before Tim (who was back from London for a while).  However, he nearly let himself down big time by asking a really silly question of a VIBT – ‘do you want your ham platter?’  As if I am going to say “No”? After a serious frown, off he shot, like a good servant, he ran upstairs to the kitchen and reappeared with a massive platter of ham – I even offered to snuggle up to him a little afterwards – these humans do need a little reward after so much tough love – but only occasionally.IMG-20130425-00696

He may be a little further down the path towards forgiveness now – but don’t tell him that!

Pub Reviews: Burcott Inn and the Ring O’Bells, Wookey


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It was a really nice day weather wise last weekend after a long nap in a sun puddle we decided to go for a walk – well, they decided that they wanted to go for a pub lunch and I needed to go for a walk; might as well kill two birds with one stone.  Mum suggested walking over to the Burcott Inn.  I thought that was a good idea, we could walk through Wookey Hole, down to Wookey and end up at the Burcott;  a lovely scenic walk with plenty of freshness for me to sniff at… no! Speed was required so we ended walking along which, in honesty, is not that much of a main road – unless you live in Somerset.

After a bit of a forced march, well, I should really say a brisk walk (but not too brisk that I did not have plenty of opportunities to have a good sniff and leave some impressive pee-mails; but goodness knows who would be able to read them that far out and on a main road) we arrived at the Burcott Inn.  Now a little known fact is that my mum’s dad’s cousin used to own this pub in days of old and she used to go here as a child.  So she has an affinity with the pub…not any more though.Can't believe they will not let me in!

This was the first time they had taken me out there and what a disappointment!  I tend to be really good at looking out for signs of discrimination against us furs and sure enough, as we walked along the road, I looked across the car park towards a gate ,that my super sniff sense informed me hid a garden.  On the gate was a very faded sign which I thought said no dogs allowed.  Obviously I did not say anything as, given I am now middle aged my eyesight might have been playing tricks on me.

When we got to the front door, all was clear, a damn big sticker banning dogs from entering the premises.  They then went to check the garden and my eyesight was proved not to be defective – dogs were not even allowed in the garden. Needless to say this caused a great deal of consternation among the olds – who were, like me, a little thirsty by then.  What was to be done?  We could walk back to Wells or we could try the Ring O’Bells in Wookey – no prizes for guessing which they opted for – particularly given it is only about a half a mile walk to the Ring O’Bells.IMG-20130420-00683

Off we trudged.  Past a lovely church – outside of which the water people were digging up the road – hope they finish quicker than they finished outside of our house.  Just as an aside, the humans complain at us when we dig holes in the garden but really someone ought to have a word with them about digging holes, filling them in and then re-digging the same holes – not just once but several times, really!

Anyway, we were all relieved to know that I was more than welcome to go into the Ring O’Bells; I even got a bowl of water and a treat – at least they were civilised and accepting of us furs.   Dad had brought a little picnic for me so I would not starve to death before we got home, which I ate off of a paper plate.  This was OK with me, but he would not have got away with it with my posh bruv – nothing but china will do for him.IMG-20130420-00680

For the humans:  beer was apparently very good; mum had a Wadworth IPA and Dad tried a stout, which is really unusual for him, called Corvus, again made by Wadworth – every bit as good as Guinness dad said.  Food, was OK.  Mum had a fish pie which apparently came with granary bread – which had changed into white bread (which she does not like) and allegedly had some prawns in it but she could not find any.  Dad had fish and chips – I had a few chips and thought they were OK but the fish looked a little manufactured – not sure if it was, or was not, but seemed that way.

Once the meal was finished they decided to head back home across some fields – and I was allowed off my lead.  We came across a really interesting style – see picture to realise why!IMG-20130420-00684

Strangely enough when we got back into Wells we had to walk past the City Arms and I decided to nip in to say hello to my friends and – Simon. More about this in another blog though.